Friday, January 31, 2020

The Glad Truth (of what Time cannot change)

 Because it promised to be a lively one...

 ...into the crock-pot early this morning went one thawed beef blade roast along with
potatoes, carrots, rutabaga, onion , salt, pepper 
and a handful of fresh from-the-freezer chopped parsley (flakes work as well)
Seal crock-pot with foil, put on lid and turn on low all day!
Nothing makes Victoria, the family smile like beef browned potatoes!

So simple. So good on a cold winter night!
One of those delicious delights that time cannot change!

Dawning upon us like love’s madrigal
Hails the glad truth of what time cannot change
Darling, the things that matter most of all
The Chieftain of progress can never estrange
In spite of all it seems to rearrange

It cannot alter the thrill of hello
When face to face, long-missed loved ones we meet
It cannot tarnish the garnish of snow
Soft on the rooftop and woodland and street
Spilling a canvas we scribble with feet

Time leaps with joy in ahoy blush and gold
As we set sail on a sea of new morn
Nature’s surprises will never grow old
Each bloom as fresh as the first ever born
Bestowing beauty to worlds weary-worn

 Modern-day mayhem’s most impressive boasts
Cannot claim credit for sunset or rise
The Hand that grants what accomplishment toasts
Is not affected by time’s age and size
No matter how swift the season-clock flies

Thus, the best things in life will remain so
 Leisurely picnics and much work to do
Teachers to learn from the tots in their tow
Hilltops to offer, if scaled, quite a view
Heaven-glimpse in four words, ‘I love you too’

Laughter that lilts like a gilt butterfly
Butter to better the best have-a-taste
Chatter of children as pure as the sky
Pleasure when we find the keys we misplaced
Twilight on velvet blue, quarter-moon graced

Thank God for puppy with mischievous lad
Sunshine that cannot be stoppered and sold
Beautiful baby and proud mom and dad
Humbled and whelmed by the charge in their hold
Thank God for wonder that never grows old

Wonder to startle the most wizened sage
Music to sweeten sometimes-sour notes
Too many poems to tender to page
River that rushes with autumn’s leaf-boats
Farewells that leave aching lumps in our throats

Supper that spells happiness in a dish
God, rich in mercy whatever our lot
Darling, the things that most satisfy wish
Time cannot altar one tittle or jot
No matter how many years it has caught

© Janet Martin

 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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