Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Enough Is The Stuff That Today Is Made Of...

 When confronted with gloomy forecasts for the future,
what should we do?!

We are not made to carry Maybe’s cares
Waiting to undo its When
Enough is the stuff that today is made of
Let’s leave tomorrow till then

Enough is the trouble today seems to find
Without adding extra stress
Let’s concentrate on what can no longer wait
Today’s almost-happiness

We are not made to bear fear's promenade
Down streets our feet cannot reach
But through prayer-shaped hope we'll be able to cope
With what today has to teach

© Janet Martin

 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, 
for tomorrow will worry about itself.
 Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Lyrics for this hymn...

Dark and stormy is the desert, 
Through which pilgrims make their way; 
Yet beyond this vale of sorrows 
Lie the fields of endless day.

 O, young soldier, are you weary 
Of the roughness of the way? 
Does your strength begin to fail you, 
And your vigor to decay? 

Jesus, Jesus, will go with you, 
He will lead you to his throne; 
He whose thunder shakes creation,
 He who bids the planets roll.

 'Round him are ten thousand angels, 
Ready to obey command; 
They'll all be there to hover round you, 
Till you reach the heavenly land.

There, on flowery hills of pleasure, 
Lie the fields of endless rest,
 Love, and joy, and peace forever, 
Reign and triumph in your breast.

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