Thursday, January 16, 2020

Pictures, Echo-refined

 for the ka-jillion times I've done this,
there are no photo-keepsakes, I remarked to Victoria yesterday,
Maybe we should have one to tuck into good-old-day archives

 ...'and so we take a closer look at common here-and-now'
which includes numb bum from the hard floor etc.😊
but sometimes book-looking needs to happen right where we are or 
we never do!

Its raw edges are smooth like stones washed by the sighing sea
The grace of years has brushed spent fears, like tears, from memory
And what had honed our hopes back then as dreams keened hunger’s gaze
Has forged the ups and downs of them into the good old days

Time, as it slips through our skin softens its yester-blow
And sweetens love’s incumbent growing pains of letting go
Then, while the winds of change insist upon time’s changeless ways
The gray and gold of have-and-hold soft-molds new good, old days

The aftermath of ordinary highs and lows becomes
A sort of path we wander in a world of tallied sums
It fills thought’s weathered pages with a tender hymn that plays
Across the modern ages of tomorrow’s good, old days

And so we take a closer look at common here-and-now
Soon turned to pages in a book that Past perfects somehow
While we grapple with ties that bind today’s momentous frays
Into pictures, echo-refined in Bygone’s good old days

© Janet Martin

This poem was written with a tender prayer included
for those whose good, old days really were the best before...
before sickness and death severed ties and altered pages forever!

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