Thursday, January 23, 2020

Daily Duel of Dreamer and Duty...What Will It Be?!

Duty and Dreamer seem to clash on a regular basis, as soon as feet hit the floor...
What will it be she sighs as she eyes an empty page 
then turns to heed cries of Master Laundry, Major Lunch-box, Sergeant Fire-starting etc...
Before Sweetest of all Sweet Little Girl arrives...

When the day gleams like a page poem-heady
Star-studded tarp falls from tresses, blue-pink
Unveiling worlds slumber revived and ready
Propped like a bottomless well filled with ink
Fueling duels twixt Dreamer and Duty
Teasing the rivals of prudence and art
Blurring intention where unhurried beauty
Tangles the tether twixt hands, head and heart

What will it be, Duty cries, demand-driven
Seizing the tool that fits her for the fight
What will it be, sighs the Dreamer, star-smitten
Grasping at shimmers of shadow and light
What will become the sum of today’s tally
Will it be to-do lists tackled and checked
Will it be sparkles that glimmer and sally
Snared from the air where whispers intersect

What will be left when dusk gathers its plunder
Who will be victor of soon-to-be spoils
Will page be filled with the thrill of sheer wonder
Or smudged with tokens of love’s urgent toils
What will remain to retain strains of beauty
Felled by the faithful fellow, Father Time
Will the souvenirs of both Dreamer and Duty
Tenderly tangle in keepsakes of rhyme

© Janet Martin

 ...on that note it's off to the races graces!

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, 
do it all for the glory of God.
1 Cor.10:13

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