Thursday, January 16, 2020

Sheer Perfection

The sun as it set seemed to cast the ice-coated trees in coral glaze...

Oh, that lovely, lonely feeling of the twilight slowly stealing
From earth’s coral-coloured ceiling to its shadow-stippled text
Oh, the beauty of the ages when the weight of whispers wages
Wars with nature’s seasoned pages moving from one to the next

Oh, the tender, somber splendor as today’s constant contender
Fills far, endless deeps with grandeur too divine for pen to spell
Where the Lender stuns the spender of the moments that meander
From the height of ‘love-me-tender’ to the depths of ‘fare-thee-well’

Oh the sweet and soulful yearning as the toll of no returning
Keens the whole of love and learning with a hymn of dimming day
Waking a surge of emotion like the breaking of the ocean
Waves on rock-juts of devotion tested by a westward sway

Oh the blushing, rushing wonder roused by silence that can thunder
As Intention’s Pirates plunder ships lost on a dusk-tossed sea
Where gentle ripples of laughter from a firmament-al rafter
Fills the ever-ever-after with a perfect memory

© Janet Martin

Last night and tonight's dusk called for a poem-serenade...
Tonight I was out on my skis waiting  with bold expectation
for more of what last night treated us with
but a broad band of brumal cloud
snuffed the sun
just as it began to
stun! was still pretty, just not pink!


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