Saturday, January 4, 2020

Love and Glimpses It Grants

Can it really be three years since hubby and I
were introduced to a whole new world of love; Grand-parenthood.
Happy Birthday Grand-sonny!

oh, what a joyful three years it has been!

First Birthday..
(Brantley has overcome his fear of blue icing 😊)

Second Birthday...

(third Birthday pics will wait till tomorrow.
they are recovering today from a 2:50 a.m. arrival home 
from the other grandparents in Nova Scotia
 after multiple delayed/rebooked flights!)

Love, what strange familiar angles
Tries the keeper of its prize
Wrangling from tender heart-tangles
Happiness cut down to size

Love, what lessons stun the creature
In the thick of its regale
As we learn to trust the Teacher
Of a law that does not fail

Love, what pleasure fills its laughter  
Love, what pain its sorrow braves
Love, life’s bitter-sweetest After
In the echoes it engraves

Love, a little glimpse of heaven
On this stricken sweep of sod
Love, like a gift always given
Let's us glimpse its Giver, God  

© Janet Martin

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