Wednesday, January 29, 2020

So Much To Live For!

I've just returned from a few nights in New England 
where I was treated to a year in Tasha Tudor's gardens
Oh, the bliss of book-travel! 

This trip was such great inspiration to start those seedling-dreams now!
Here's a sneak-peek to a trip you can take too (if you can find the book!)
I had this unexpected pleasure thanks to a friend 
who lent me a book she borrowed from a friend so
unfortunately you will need to find your own 'ticket' to borrow or buy!😀

A trip like this can remind us of so much to live/love for!

So much to live for where moments soft-wed
Wellsprings of waiting with wishes fulfilled
Morning is breaking, mercy is not dead
Rife runs the river that death has not stilled
Where life is granting so much to love for
Four-season circuits of hold and let go
Leaving us torn between graces of yore
Before the faces we kiss with hello

So much to reach for from dawn’s pulsing prow
Where soon high noon then twilight sweeps the lea
Meteor-showers of right here, right now
Sparkle and fizz into echo-debris
Beckoning us to be all that we can
Before the hour of reckoning comes
Where still so much to learn vexes the plan
Caught in the flux of Bygone’s tallied sums

So much to hope for where seasons soft-shed
Petals of farewell for buds primed with plume
Soon we will transplant the dreams in our head
Into the gardens that leap into bloom
So many poems still waiting to be
So many moments to measure and pour
Turning time into opportunity
Where today wakens so much to live for

© Janet Martin

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