Friday, January 31, 2020

Of Intimate Enclosures

The intimate enclosure of the earth beneath the sky
Where walked the sons and daughters of ages before our Time
Evokes in us a kinship with the seasons that sweep by
As we take our turn at being drawn to nature’s rhyme

…to drink the potent nectar from Moment’s gossamer bloom
To be inebriated by sheer wonder’s thund’rous hush
While we are overtaken by a Presence in the room
As He walks in the garden unimpressed by man’s mad rush

…where if we want to make the most of our numbered days
We should take off our shoes to watch pink ribbons thread the sky
The holy ground we stand on ought to tremble with meek praise
As we worship the One who grants entrance to you and I

Pause, while dusk’s apricot gauze drapes the window to the world
Be overwhelmed with beauty as we sense His hand brush by
For we, awed witnesses behold God’s masterpiece unfurled
To intimate enclosures of the earth beneath the sky

© Janet Martin


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