Friday, December 28, 2018

Without Argument or Complaint

 Last night I started to pray this prayer but simply could not remember all the lines 
so I decided it's time to give this, one of my Charlie Pride favs, a listen or three!

It rises ere dark fades away
Yet often labours late
It never takes a holiday
Or bars its front yard gate

It does not seek out praise or fame
But shoulders common care
Without argument or complaint
Or claiming its ‘fair share’

Its cloth of meek and modest mien
It turns the other cheek
And often thinks, then thinks again
When it has words to speak

Its charge leaves little room to pout
About its grant of grace
That none of us can live without
And nothing takes its place

Patient and kind, worth more than gold
It never seeks its own
And rich or poor or young or old
It cannot thrive alone

It doesn’t look like much sometimes
A soiled and tattered glove
Its road, detours and steep inclines
But still we call it love

© Janet Martin

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