Friday, December 28, 2018

Gladder Than we Were...

who is gathering together to remember a son and brother,
Gone suddenly, so soon.
Thoughts and prayers continue to be with them, their lives forever altered!
Let's live as if this might be the last day we have to love/have each other!

Lord, make us glad for what we have
Each other; kindly blessed
Before the journey from a grave
Where dust and ashes rest

Before the head bows, sorrow-bent
The heart broken and sad
Before we wish that we had spent
More time just being glad

Before the door twixt here and There
Seals someone from our touch
Lord, make us gladder than we were
For those still here with us

And let our gladness prove its part
By what we do and say
Before we wish with all our heart
For simply ‘one more day’

© Janet Martin

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