Thursday, December 13, 2018

Love Letter to Life

After being a little under-the-weather for a day or two, but feeling better today there is
so much to love this new morning...

I love the way an hour drips
With virgin possibility
I love the way a moment slips
Twixt history and what will be
How, in the blip of now is cast
The Undoing of its conclave
How from the crib of Almost Past
Is borne the fodder of the grave

I love how ev’ry day is new
No rerun when the sun has set
Dawn ushers to earth’s avenue
A whole new Road not traveled yet
I love the way that you and I
Are growing old at the same pace
How all that we can do is try
To make the best of Time and Place

I love how we never know, quite
What waits beyond each dip and curve
How expectation’s appetite
Seems always keened to Nature’s verve
How we are all learning to cope
Subject to ready grin and frown
Kindred in both reproach and Hope
And thus, should help those who are down

I love the way wonder can steal
And still the tongue of wordy noise
I love the lilt of fresh appeal
In zeal of little girls and boys
I love the joys of simple things
Like laughter 'neath dusk's first bright star
…and I love you; and how heart-strings
Will always reach to where you are

© Janet Martin

Heart-felt prayers to all who are struggling with sickness and pain. 
There are so many of you!
(Someone called yesterday partly to wonder where I was the night before 
NOT at the concert I was hoping to attend because I was down with the flu)
  ...he prayed for me on the spot!
Very touching and special.

Dear Lord, be near and dear I pray
To those/we who travel suff'ring's Way
Lord, be their/our all-sufficient grace
Until they/we look upon Your face
When that first glimpse will satisfy
And answer every single 'why'
 Lamentations 3:57
You drew near when I called on You; You said, "Do not be afraid."

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