Sunday, December 2, 2018

December Decoupage

 This morning at first glance it seemed the Painter's tray
 was filled with colors like drab, dreary, bleak...
 ...but on closer look. wow! look at all those colors in this decoupage!
and glass-rhinestone garnished trees!
 ...feathered sketches

The splurge of snow that fell the other day becomes a sea
Of puddle-mirrors; a gray shawl is tossed across the lea
The sodden leaves, like russet decoupage pressed to earth’s heart
Soft-stirs the downcast gaze with Beauty’s undefeated art
Where the easel that holds the canvas that unfolds each while
Always showcases Something that reflects the Painter’s smile
To rouse within the nature of our very human ways
A glorious sense of wonder and a humble hymn of praise

© Janet Martin

But, if we are feeling a little 'gray' here's why! (click link)


  1. Beautiful photos and I love your take on this

    1. thank-you Trish. We've had a lot of practice looking at gray from all angles, haven't we?!


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