Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Point of View (have-to or get-to)

I was immediately challenged while writing this...
Someone called and woke up Sleeping Baby and I had to...oops, got to, change my 'plans' 
(This is written with the remembrance that some things we simply 'have-to'!
But even in the dark parts we 'get-to' choose whether we trust the Light, right?)

Wherever we are going 
Whatever we must do
We choose its joy or burden
By a 'Have to' or 'get to' view

Perception picks the colors
Of gray or blue and gold
Where faith or fear will offer
A 'have-to' or 'get-to' mold

How simple seems the format
Where choice will soon become
The happiness or heartache
Of have-to or get to's sum

Janet Martin


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