Thursday, October 11, 2018

October Eventide

This poem caught me by surprise...
as Victoria and I lounged a little longer after a simple supper of grilled cheese and green peppers...

 Jim is battling his way home through the snow-stricken west and Matt is away on an overnight job.
Suddenly I began thinking how quiet the evenings will be when Victoria is finished with grade 12 and moved to Next Chapter! So I didn't tell her to take her feet off the table😀

Beyond the kitchen window pumpkin-halos disappear
As worlds, familiar by day don night’s velvet veneer
And tables set for supper, (though this may seem commonplace)
Are like a bit of heaven to a very human race
As ‘chase of dollar’ and the ‘call of duty’ cools its hold
And Beauty beams from faces of our loved ones young and old

Beyond the kitchen window slips the blip of afternoon
Earth is a charcoal drawing ‘neath the lantern of the moon
 A Master-peace entitled October Tranquility
As if eons had not evolved since that first ‘let there be’
And almost we forget this is the modern day of noise
When we are wrapped in the fine thread of home-sweet-home's sweet joys

Beyond the kitchen window mopes the ghost of childhood’s dread
A lonely sort of fellow roaming o’er dark moor and mead
He runs the brittle leaf across the yard with phantom broom
And makes us feel so cozy in our little cottage-room
As October seeps into every crack and crease of skin
And begs us to be braver where the night is closing in

Beyond the kitchen window where no naked eye can see
Somewhere with star-struck flare today joins ranks of history
How momentous, the impetus that moves the morn to naught
And proves once more the hierarchy of Time’s tittle and jot
Where oft life’s simple samples that we tend to overlook
Will be the pages we turn to in some fond memory book

© Janet Martin

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