Saturday, October 13, 2018

Not At The Mercy of Moods

Life's 'Stuff' can crush with emptiness
We all need God to guard our thought
From dungeons of depravity

Yesterday in Judy's latest post entitled Leaks
 I laughed out loud as I read this; Don't 'Should' on yourself!
Thought can make us do that all the time! huh?
This morning Thought threatened to throw its Thrall over 
All There Is To Be Thankful For...

So, in case of despair
I fled to the Throne-room of Prayer!

Moods make us brood while woods and hills spill elemental art
Fond dreams, for all their fuel cannot fill Want’s gaping void
Seasons, like snowflakes fall and melt in pictures to the heart
Kindling a tender duel twixt love torn and over-joyed

We all need God; thought turns on us like storms on listing ships
It leads into temptations to wallow in doubt and fear
Its woulda-shoulda-coulda steals the laughter from our lips
A monster’s roar beneath placid facade of skin, my dear

How quick thought is to deviate from pious Best Intent
Adept Inventor of wars waged twixt Hope and deep despair
Where no one is immune to shrewd impulses Mortal Bent
And none but God can meets us in the Grand Throne Room of prayer

Life’s burdens would be like a millstone hung about the neck
Where Emptiness can drown the Downcast in its plumb-less pit  
We all need God to keep Thought’s Very Wily Will in check
We all need God; So Love can keep Thought’s Fragile Beacon lit

© Janet Martin

Search me, O God, and know my heart; 
Try me and know my anxious thoughts;

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