Saturday, October 20, 2018

Ah, Saturday Morning!

When Jim called this morning he wondered if I’m writing
 (knowing that my morning writing sched. is sort of a thing of the past right now). 
I told him not yet because there are so many other things that need doing too…
this gave me the inspiration for a quickie while I enjoy a late first cup o’ coffee!

Ah, Saturday morning tug of heart
Pulls us apart twixt Want and Must
A tableau filled with common art
So much to see, so much to dust
So much to snare from thoroughfares
Of earth abroad and house right here
Where home-sweet-home is a nightmare
Without the care of Mother Dear

Ah, Saturday morning tug of will
Duty’s demand is strict and plain
But holds a clean-shiny-floor thrill
Those good excuses cannot gain
It knows that satisfaction waits
In simple swish-polish-scrub-fold
Hep-hep-heave-ho, for soon noon’s gates
Are shadow-barred and starred with gold

Ah, Saturday morning tug of Time
A war twixt dish-soap suds and ink
So much to love, so much to rhyme
So much Slow Second Cup to drink
So much to choose, so much to Muse
Of sky-high blues, dew-hues dirt-cursed
Where all my finger-printed views
Insist I think I should clean first

…ah, Saturday morning tug of books
And pens, and hiking boots and bikes
Where autumn leaf-boat dappled brooks
Lure us to look long, if one likes
Ah, Saturday morning tug of hand
Of cloths and pails and brooms and mops
Where nothing else is quite as grand
If mother’s sweep-scrub-polish stops

© Janet Martin

Ugh! said Victoria after I read her this poem before posting it. 
I hate the way this sounds...
(In case you've noticed, cleaning is NOT Victoria's first love😊)

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