Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Awe-Shucks or For Summer Lovers or August Morn

Started this poem before-sun-up on Monday morn...

...and much more, made Monday's poem Wednesday's poem😀

Broad daylight births from blushing bands stirred on earth’s eastern edge
Where hints of higher hierarchy soft-singe the countryside
With tints that wake awareness to the ink of summer’s pledge
And leaves its lover lingering in hunger’s honing tide

From Maker to partaker day’s decanter is refilled
Where dusk had drained the last drop, fervor streams from dawn’s carafe
To replenish full colour like a Painter’s palette spilled
It leaves its lover wonder-struck at Mercy’s autograph

Ah, August’s glad-to-be-alive brims in the hymn of morn
It flowers in a bower brushed with brume of beggar’s bliss
The bud bares all its secrets in a flare of rose and thorn
To leave its lover torn between hello and farewell’s kiss

Time’s seasoned traveler treads with more tenderness, it seems
Its greener revelers splash through August’s haze like school boys
Where days are far too long for feet chasing tomorrow’s dreams
Which soon leave summer’s lovers agape with shucked sorrow-joys

© Janet Martin

Happy Wednesday!

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