Saturday, August 18, 2018

Days of Old

In case we forget...this is not yet
 Past's newest Day of old!
This is the day the Lord has made
Which soon echoes enfold
This is a gift soon set adrift
On seas of smiles and sighs 
So live-laugh-love, for soon enough
Hello turns to good-byes

We stopped for a picnic one heat-wave noon,
Laid beneath a latticework of hymns
Treated to one of time's Best-of-all tunes
Sea-song snared in lofty, green limbs  

When the wind wails,
Wild and plaintive
When the wood is
stripped of songs
When the world is
like a painting
Poised on echoes
Of bygones

When we wake to
 Sounds of silence
When green fields
Have lost their glow
When the give and
take of moments
Startles summer-
hearts with snow

Then we’ll turn to
trace the edges
Of this picture
In our hold
When starred silver
frosts the hedges
Of sweet summer's
Days of old

© Janet Martin

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