Tuesday, August 7, 2018

To Summer's Guests

Be your own guest. where life’s best, summer-living
Is giving grand reasons to get out of bed
Come; take an hour to get reacquainted
With friendly-faced flowers, gold, purple, pink, red

Take a lake-break where its lay laps the skyline
For soon gales will lash silver stars to white froth
Be your own guest; rest a bit between pages
Study the fine fretwork of green-whispered cloth

Love, joy and peace is a garden in August
Bursting with bloom after warring with weeds
Fruit laden baskets, still-life masterpieces
Butterflies bobbing over thickets and reeds

Work with awareness of what waits, my darling
Spend time, not money where summer spills free
Linger where cricket-song serenades gardens
Do three-hour picnics beneath an old tree

Love while life grants you the dance of a season
Joy is far more than a three-letter word
It sings in flowers where peace paints a picture
That fills summer’s framework with tincture soon blurred

© Janet Martin

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