Monday, August 20, 2018

For Fall-lovers


Soon the tug of Time will triumph
…teeny tick and tock somehow
Siphons summer from the tree trunk
Giddy with the green of Now

Soon a scroll of gold and scarlet
Will unfold autumnal awe
Seduce us with apple-tartlet
And lands rife with nature’s law

Soon this sweat-sweet toil and tilling
Will fall prey to pumpkin pie  
Where winds will be bent on chilling
To the bone and to the sky

Soon we’ll dig for sweaters, furry
Finding knitted ways to brave
Worlds where we no longer worry
About words like ‘long heat-wave’

Soon we’ll stand and study skylines
Stripped of all but brittle sound
Of leaf-cartwheels or battalion
Of corn-fields still harvest-bound

Soon the g-r-r-r of b-r-r-r will tarnish
Lily-laughter with lament
Soon the swoon of bloom will garnish
Time’s tomb-room of summer spent

© Janet Martin

My friend wondered if perchance there will be a fall-flavored poem soon... 
for those not quite so fond of sweat-glistening hymns😉😀😂
so this is for all the eager fall-lovers!

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