Saturday, January 18, 2020

While Looking Forward To...

My friend and I agreed this morning that we love living 
in Canada, where each season fulfills its expectation!
but sometimes 'dreams' can catch us off-guard...

remember this?!

This morning I thought of a dew, oops a few things I'm looking forward to...

To climb a long hill wild with blooms
To lie beneath heaths, summer-blue
Where green has made everything new
After winter’s weathered white plumes

To soak in pools spun by sun-beams
To revel in freshly-tilled dirt
While bright, laundry-laden lines flirt
With warm zephyrs, sassy with dreams

To linger with nary a chill
As the first, faint fingers of light
Tickle silver stars out of sight
With God’s quintessential quill

To rise and shine earlier then
When cold winter’s quarry is freed
To leap like sheared sheep in yon mead
And feel so much younger again

To reach for the stars in bare feet
To sit on the banks of a stream
And reckon that living the dream
Has never tasted quite so sweet

But then I say nay, my dear, nay
I’ll cherish the beautiful now
In every way I know how
Be glad for the gift of today

I’ll climb weathered hills of white plumes
I’ll pause beneath heaths, winter-gray
Where white is soon whispered away
By summer’s fresh sally of blooms

© Janet Martin

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