Friday, January 24, 2020

What, in All This World of Wonder

It's the time of year we need to take a closer look at the toys and reinvent them a bit
so we took everyone we could find on a trip to the farm and the zoo!
Today's chuckle: as I ran my fingers through Little Girl's curls 
I told her how lucky she is to have such beautiful curls! 
she sighed and replied, 'they're going gray'... 😂
 Life gives all of us seasons where we sometimes have 
to take a closer look at what we see every day to refurbish our thankfulness and wonder,
and there is nothing like loss to remind us of what we have!

What in all this world of wonder
 will we recognize today
Dawn delights us with pink thunder
soon by blue skies breathed away
What will spawn a sudden solace
as we look with eyes and heart
Where nature’s four-season showcase
is like a book of fine art

What will stir our souls with gladness
in the middle of love’s fuss
What in all this world of madness
will still thrill and humble us
What will wake us to the onus
of momentous moment-sum
While we are still in the process
of the life they will become

What will render longing speechless
as we witness God first-hand
Where the spender of days reaches
to the Lender in command
What will make us far more grateful
in a world of hate and greed
Where a multitude of people
prove we are creatures of need

God, without hearts of thanksgiving
nothing else will be enough
We will miss the joy of living
in the fullness of Your love
Where, in all this world of beauty
as far as the eye can see
We are surely to be pitied
if we miss Your Majesty

© Janet Martin

Psalm 136:4
He alone does great wonders. His loving devotion endures forever.

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