Tuesday, January 14, 2020


 Our mind is the control tower of our life!
Dr. Charles Stanley

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.
To set our mind on things above
Does not come naturally, it seems
Each sacred, soul-anointed glove
Must learn to bridle idle dreams

How easily the mind can stray
And if we do not rein it in
We might get lost along the way
In pitfalls veiled in flints of skin

The by-and-by that all will brave
Ought to make us more love-inclined
We are either servant or slave
To one master; that of the mind

Therefore we ought to give more heed
(This applies to both old and young)
To what we feed this mighty Stead
That moves our hands and feet and tongue

Thoughts whispers are quick to beguile
With whims Want is quick to applaud
This momentous causeway, Meanwhile
Is all that stands twixt man and God

The mind is kind of like a trove
The treasure that it seeks to hold
Will set its sights on things above
Or be bamboozled by fool’s gold

© Janet Martin

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