Wednesday, December 5, 2018

To Takers of Time's Latest Prize...

Emerging on yon eastward skies
A band of gold ignites the skies
Where breath of life has lent its prize
As eyes and sighs awake
While Mercy sets the diadem
Of dawn upon earth’s yawning hem
And beckons, with time’s rarest gem
It’s free-for-all, to take

…where man, who sees the outside knows
How sure and swift Time’s gift bestows
A labyrinth of highs and lows
To ‘whys’ and ‘ohs’ God-lent
To bridge the breach of doubt with trust
For this cradle of ash and dust
Is woven through with wanderlust
And worship’s wonderment

Then do not fear; the love of He
Who fashions heaven’s majesty
Then lends to likes of you and me
The rose to crown the thorn
Will not forsake us in the task
All that we need to do is ask
Then believe He who tips night’s flask
And fills time’s glass with morn

© Janet Martin

 ...and oh!!! what a morning!
 where we, a little sun-rise starved through all of November drink,
like thankful beggars from the well-spring of Mercy's surprise!

 (I had to laugh and laugh as I listened and imagined
what my not-so-morning people would do if I cranked this song up first thing when I got up!)

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