Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Way We Are...

 Inspired by the tributes to George H. W. Bush
His motto; Preach Christ at all times. If necessary, use words.

George H.W. Bush's historian shares stories that span 9 decades

 Yesterday George, through these loving tributes touched so many more lives in death,
 inspired by his life, not perfect, but well-lived...reminding us as long we we live, Life matters!

We never know whose lives we touch with what we do and say
Or how the way we are will help or hinder someone’s day
how big the smallest lives we shape; the lad at mother’s knee
Is the beginning of the man that he turns out to be

To make the most of here and now is all that we can do
For when the quilt of dusk tucks earth beneath its navy blue
The seal that sets the sun where none of us its course can trace
Preserves those battles lost or won in Bygone’s vast embrace

Where oh, we never know what, down life’s road, one recollects
Or what will paint the pictures only memory resurrects
For what we leave behind becomes a lifetime’s greatest worth
Each numbered day soon strews its dust and ash across the earth

Lord, pray we live each day to day humbly aware of This
That none of us can ever know how near or far death is
Or who is next to cross the ever-mystic Great Divide
While we stand back and wonder what waits on The Other Side  

…where all then, that remains of us is the Permanent How
Of touch and taste tendered to the haste of each Here and Now
The treasure of love’s moments turned into Mission Complete
The measure of a lifetime sealed in other hands and feet

© Janet Martin

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