Tuesday, December 4, 2018

So Much To Love...

 In spite of the' holes' in life's give-and-take glove
There's so much to live for and so much to love!

Below, a few sweet, hole-fillers...

 Every year I tilt my head and say 'the tree's not THAT crooked...is it?'
and 'they' say, 'Yes, it is!' Maybe this year is the last year for this tree...(I say that every year)
it's missing a lot of parts but it's got so many pieces of our hearts snagged in it's Broken Beauty

The hurt-hunger-heartache of life’s Stuff and Such
Makes us much more thankful for its tender touch
Like feeling hope’s laughter after sorrow’s pain
Like seeing the sunshine after too much rain

Trouble can be terrible, we all agree
And sooner or later it finds you and me
But its not for nothing; if simply to prove
There’s so much to live for and so much to love

Like feeling the friendliness of a new day
Where God offers Mercy on Time’s polished tray
Like freckles that crinkle on sweet Suzy’s nose
Like treasure that twinkles on work-a-day clothes

Like hearing the music in spite of the noise
Like licking your plate not to waste home-cooked joys
Like feeling that high-five for a job well done
Like touching the trace of a place echo-spun

Like finding some pocket-change in last year's coat
Like tears not of grief, but that lump in your throat
For blessings where beauty and duty astound
In glimpses of heaven with feet on the ground

Like sparkles of summer on winter’s stark hill
Like a red geranium on a windowsill
Like taking a coffee-break from life’s push-shove
Just to be reminded of what’s not to love

The fragile forgiveness of moments soon slips
To Past's Forever-ness far from fingertips
So God, stir within us Your Perfect Enough
Of so much to live for and so much to love

© Janet Martin

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