Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Prelude To 'Pass the Cookies, Please'

 Hoping to use a lot of these baking terms today😋

Press upon our hearts the reason for the season as we press
Cookies into stars and bells and other sugared happiness

Stir our souls with awe’s soft thunder for Hope’s splendor as we stir
Flour-sugar-butter-wonder into treats for him and her

Pour into thought’s mighty measure, more of You, Lord, as we pour
As we mix a moment’s pleasure into echo-lands of yore

Sift our spirit, strain out pride and worry as we whisk and sift
Lest the little lumps we discount are the sin that spoils the gift

Warm and melt to heartfelt worship, any hard, cold bitterness
As we work, make us a picture of contentment’s humble 'yes'

Knead until smooth, uncouth motive as we beat and whip and knead
Then when we pass out the cookies Christmas will be sweet indeed

© Janet Martin

and a bit of cookie-humour! 

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