Wednesday, December 19, 2018


My fondest form of treasured torture is reliving through pictures...
Every year at Christmas, for the families whose children I cared for
I make a photo memento of some sort.
This involves going through all the photos and the feelings they inspire...
in one word; Bittersweet! 

I've had a lot of kiddos pass through my arms to that Forever-place in my heart!
 Photos are my tangible treasure of days gone by!

Warning; this video will induce love's best proof; tears!
But it is exactly how I feel as I go through a years worth of photos!

A photograph, I think is one of life’s most lovely things
It draws our thoughts toward a face or place held in the heart
A smiling piece of paper, yet, what happiness it brings
A bit of you still next to me when we are far apart

A photograph preserves the echo we would soon forget
It keeps one’s youth intact while Time insists upon its ‘say’
And long after The Way We Were has cast its silhouette
A photograph encapsulates fond frames of yesterday

A photograph can make us laugh or shed love’s tender tear
We press its page against the tugging ache of Having Held
And look a little closer at the glorious Now and Here
Before we feel the Winnowing where hug and hollow meld

A photograph keeps those who’ve gone The Way We Will nearby
Sentimental memento that is dearer than before
And though perhaps it rouses Sorrow’s tear within the eye
It reminds us to cherish what we hold a little more

Ah, photograph, sweet photograph, a card with double edge
You remind us of time’s fleet feet and soldered ties that bind
Yet, on the other hand you help us reaffirm the pledge
To savour the full flavour of what soon is left behind

© Janet Martin


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