Friday, December 28, 2018

Ignorance is Bliss But It Won't Fix The Problem...

This morning as I blithely wrote about being gladder than we sometimes are 
 I was oblivious to the lake in the basement…
Last night I painted a poem about Midnight Rain(ha-ha, I even mentioned flood-gates😏)
 as it pelted the window and I couldn’t sleep
and I didn’t know then that the sump pump hose was clogged with ice
and Rain Poetry would lose its Romanticism in an instant,
 simply by going down to the freezer to take out a pound of ground beef for supper.

I went out for coffee/shopping with a friend
thinking the flood had been retained in the ‘old’ part of our basement,
not the rec room. I was wrong!
 (I've been researching how to paint cement-floors.
That idea is starting to sound very appealing😐)
I'm tired of 'let's lift the rug' game!

Because we cannot see into tomorrow we are free
To not borrow the 'sorrow' that is waiting yet to be
To not double our trouble by ‘what if’s’ futile distress
But take the day in hand and try to find its happiness

Tomorrow Today’s good or ill will compose yesterday
And who knows what is waiting to spill from time’s refilled tray
So by the grace of God we go, and if we let Him lead
He will provide at the right time, exactly what we need

 (in this case, mops, fans, a roaring mother, oops, I mean, fire;-)

© Janet Martin

So much for a cozy, Christmas-y room...
Oh well, then I remember those with real troubles.


  1. Oh! Sorry, Janet. Poeming inspired by a flooded basement is the way to go! Lightens the load a bit."Tomorrow Today’s good or ill will compose yesterday" -- lovely, and true, as always.

    1. thank-you:) just finished putting a few things back.the rest needs to finish drying and then we need to figure out why this is happening. It's all part of being a home-owner; Stuff that needs fixing. At least it waited til Christmas was over! Thank-you again.

  2. I love the way you find the positive in everything. Bless your mess my friend. I understand ... lovely encouraging words!


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