Saturday, December 1, 2018

Commemoration AND Expectation!

I began a load of laundry and other house-holdish chores when rat-a-tat-tat, 
somewhere beneath my ribs and in my head a song began to beg Existence!
Night's noose of dread and weariness is cut loose by Morning's Star!


Rejoice, hope's celebration
Is more than we can see
Sacred commemoration
Joined with expectancy

Hope, heaven’s holy hunger
Hope, hunger’s holy prayer
It fills the heart with wonder
In spite of earthy care

It keeps us looking forward
Whilst still remembering
It mingles joy with sorrow
And paupers with a King

Come join the celebration
Where hope, true joy imparts
The candle of the nation
Resides in human hearts

As Love convicts the sinner
Yet sets its captive free
For Love sent a deliverer
To ransom you and me

So now Commemoration
And Expectation meet
In joyful celebration
Before we kiss Love’s feet

© Janet Martin

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