Saturday, December 8, 2018

Happy Hoping! Happy Celebrating! (and Happy Shopping;-)

 My heart started to do the panic-flutter when I saw how many days are left til Christmas...
until Someone nudged me toward the window, to take a deep breath 
and remember Who we are celebrating! Now!
It suddenly replaced panic of  'how-am-I-going to-do-it?!' 
with the peace of 'We-are-going-to-do-it!'
Thank-you Lord!

Off to pick up a head-full-of-golden-curls-little-fellow! Wink😉

(two bowls entertained these two longer the other morning, than a whole box full of toys!)

When we lose sight of thankfulness
We lose the joy of giving
And when we lose the joy of this
We lose the joy of living

For what is better than the art
Of smile upon a face
Inspired by a thankful heart
Of gentleness and grace

The longer that we live we learn
(If we will do with less)
That nothing gives joy in return
Like humble thankfulness

© Janet Martin

...and an oldie from a few years ago

Happiness Is Not Like Socks

Happiness is not a toy
That soon loses its first joy
Happiness is not like socks
We can’t fit it in a box
Happiness is not a Steal
Lure of sale-sticker appeal
We don’t pick its shape or size
By the color of its eyes
We can’t wrap it up, oh no
Nor garnish it with a bow
We won’t find it on store-shelves
We can’t buy it for ourselves
Happiness is not like Stuff
Packed inside a box of fluff
It is a strange paradox
Not like balls or blocks or socks
Happiness is a free prize
we learn where it’s secret lies
We can not keep it and yet
The more we give the more we get
 © Janet Martin


  1. Amen. This might be the craziest-busiest December yet for our family, the calendar startled me the other day as well.. It'll be okay somehow :)

    1. Enjoy! We will get through one day/event at a time, right(and a few late nights:)! Lists recently are a real source of despair so I quit them till today I realized I think I need to make one just so I don't forget anyone/anything! each season of busyness is so short-lived though we can't afford to miss the joy! Today I have thought of so many people whose joy is seasoned with deep sorrow/missing-you for loss of loved ones!

  2. Amen sister! Trying to still my 'Martha heart` is struggle I haven`t quite yet mastered!
    Enjoy your day..

    1. I hear ya'! Day not going at all like planned, but enjoyable enough... I guess;-=


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