Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy First Day of Winter (or Happy-days-will-start-to-get-longer)

In keeping with The Times, the rain outside the window is trying hard to turn into snow.
Last night's rain dissolved the last clinging traces of white,
So after all that snow we've had, we're back to Dreaming of a White Christmas!

Happy Winter Begins!

Season of boots
Coats, mitts and hats
And smoke and soot,
And fireside naps
And steaming mugs
And ice and snow
And sweater-hugs
And cold gales, oh,

And dazzling sweeps
Of green forgot
And shoveled heaps
Of you know what
And fuzzy socks
And small-print books
And crisp, brisk walks
And pillow-nooks

And scrabble-boards
And poetry
Some without words
Like stars set free
To tumble-twirl
In soundless lilt
And tuck the world
Beneath down-quilt

The barren tree
A work of art
Its melody
A tug-of-heart
The dormant lea
A Master Peace
The cup of tea
A sweet release

Season of grays
And fresh-baked Yum
Of humble praise
For Home-warm-home
Of breath-cloud b-r-r-r
And frost-starred glass
Of winter, shiver-

© Janet Martin

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