Monday, December 10, 2018


 No time to lose when it comes to Seizing the Moment!
like that moment when you sit a bit 
...and your lap is plunked full of books and babyish 'Weab!'(read)

The Mostly Messy...

It's all just a flicker on the wind... of change.
Doesn't every year seem to pass a little quicker than the flicker before?!

 This is either seven poems or one (you choose) I kinda pegged away at it all day
between household chores, and kissing Grandson's golden-curls etc!

No Time to lose; its ancient dues contingent on each breath
Constant rejuvenation from the archives of its death
Torment and titillation tug and tease; Today, a bark
That sails wide-open seas and disappears into the dark
To leave upon the trampled shoreline of the place it graced
A surreal awareness of what cannot be retraced

Away, away the essence of sheer presence woos and wanes
Where mourning and rejoicing fills its flue with loss and gains
Intangible Before bestows, as it runs through our touch
The ever-after-echoes of its laughter-tears and such
Where sky-high rafters ring with woeful sting and soulful sigh
As we grapple with shadow-dappled wings of days gone by

Time jars and scars where hours fall like stars on hearts and cheeks
An orb that flares and fades then turns to days and days to weeks
Then months, then years, ethereal spheres that spiral through our skin
Like trapeze artists light as air and less than paper-thin
They press the child toward grown men or women who become
Beneath the breath of tick and tock the graves projected sum

No time to spare; this thoroughfare where longing wars with peace
And ignites passion with ‘perhaps’ then signals its release
Teaches the students of its law unalterable Truth
How no one can outsmart the soft undoing of swift youth
…how hosts that toast the god of boast, like pompous puppeteers
Will someday be exposed; then who will save them from their fears

No time to waste; where touch and taste remembers and forgets
Dawn pirouettes, begets high noon then dusky silhouettes
While nature’s medals, summer’s petals, fall like russet snow
As young to old brave heat and cold of living’s come and go
And trade the wilding ways of Want for gaze, gentler and kind
Heartened by simpler Happiness of humble daily grind

No Time to hate; the greatest good of life is always love
It has nothing to hide; needs no excuse its worth to prove
It does not pick and choose nor act on narcissistic aim
But flows from giver to the world without excuse or shame
To make a little brighter-lighter, someone’s trouble-pack
Asking for nothing in return and holding nothing back

No time to leave undone, unsaid the best of say and do
Each precious day is never guaranteed to be seen through
The fragile thread that separates the living from the dead
Is held by Heaven’s holy hope or Hades hellish dread
We choose; no time to lose; before the Soul succeeds the man
As Time is snuffed; the flicker before Mercy’s Master Plan

 © Janet Martin


  1. So pretty esp where hours fall like stars on hearts and cheeks!

    1. Hi:) and thank-you! time's beautiful blur really does a number on those soulful stars some-days!


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