Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas Rush

Seems we are caught on a see-saw of snow-then-thaw!
Thankfully it is more than weather that inspires our Christmas Awe


The parking lots are filled with cars
The early dark is filled with stars
Favourite baked treats fill tins and jars
It’s Christmas

Thought whirls with much we want to do
Smoke curls from house-top’s chimney-flue
Snow swirls; girl twirls, her dress is new
It’s Christmas

Lights twinkle up and down the street
Sky sprinkles diamonds to compete
Earth’s wrinkles smooth beneath white sheet
It’s Christmas

Wrapped presents decorate the floor
Beneath the tree; wreath decks the door
The essence of Love fills us more
It’s Christmas

Our feet are torn twixt rush and pause
A child is born! Hope lives because
Joy is not gifts or Santa Claus
It’s Christmas

Rush of wonder thrills the morn
Rush of peace stills fears forlorn
Rush of Heaven; Hope is born
It’s Christmas

Hymns of humble worship lift
His Redemption fills guilt’s rift
Where the Giver is the Gift
It’s Jesus

© Janet Martin

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