Thursday, October 18, 2018

While We're On The Topic...of Farewell

Enjoying some memory-trails today...
partly cause part of my family that is also part of the East-family
is counting down the day/hours to plane boarding time only a month after our visit. Sweet!
 I'm sending a bushel of hugs 'cause they don't cost extra to carry on the flight
One highlight of the trip was a tour of the local highlights
by  'locals' who could give us lots of history as well😄
...on the Acadians
Blomidon Provincial Park(the above and below photos taken on/from their, (our driver's) farm)
view from the dikes and 'field-roads...second to none!
Thank-you to the driver who graciously  slo-o-o-w-ed,
even backed up so Mrs. Shutterbug in the back seat could get her shot!😀
The Look Off
Evangeline Beach
Baxter Harbour??...I think   (might need correction from 'the locals':)
The beach atScott's Bay is all smooth stones...Of course I snared a few!
Hall's Harbour...Fishing boat waiting for high tide!
...around Grand Pre
Farewell's are inevitable, but often not until they've created fond remembrances!

I don't like farewells much
Where touch from touch is sheared
Where 'hello' is the harbinger
To echo-worlds endeared

I don't like farewells much
Its poem pieces fall
Where salty signatures of love
Makes mothers of us all

I don't like farewells much
Incumbent curtain-close
That falls across Time's such-and-such
To what, God only knows

I don't like farewells much
They tug at hearts, but oh
They teach us to treasure The Touch
Before the Letting Go

Soon stars will dot the roof
That blots the blazing west
Where fond farewells are loving proof
That we have known life's best

© Janet Martin

I wrote this poem after driving away from our beloved 'East Family'.
Love 'em all so much so
Miss 'em all so much!

I told Jim about this post when I called him tonight and he said,
Yeah, I wish we had more time there, or actually no, we had just the right amount because you should always leave while you wish you had more time rather than staying until you're saying,
'man, am I tired of this!'
haha!! always takes a man to straighten out a woman's sentimentality, right?!

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