Monday, October 8, 2018

True Thankfulness

How truly thankful am I 
For gifts that life bestows? 
How truly thankful am I?
Only the Giver 
Truly knows!

 Listening to this song is a Thanksgiving tradition!

The things we have and hold and love
Stirs thankfulness a bit (a lot:)
The things we give, ah, here we prove
The holy whole of it

True thankfulness bids us to reach
Beyond our mouthy flare
To prove the opulence of speech
By what we give and share

True thankfulness is more than noise
Of blessings that we count
True thankfulness spills into joys
That fills another’s fount

True thankfulness tunes hearts to heed
The cries of fellowmen
For we are all creatures of need
Needing help now and then

True thankfulness can never cloy
Life’s goodness in clenched fists
But overflows love’s humble joy
With more than tallied lists

The first response of thankfulness
Bids us praise and applaud
The second response seeks to bless
And share life’s gifts from God

© Janet Martin

I'm so thankful to be part of a church family that gives and gives!
I am part of a team that helps prepare Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas services.
I was impacted yesterday with how many people give of their resources, talents and time to make one simple service happen, all to say simply, humbly, fervently
  'thank-you God'!

  ...and a little Thanksgiving humour😃

While teaching a class of lovely, lively grade one to three boys yesterday morning
we discussed what we are thankful for...
One said life
another family and friends, 
another God, and so on
and one mischievous lad said 'my butt'
I rebuked him with a simple 'let's keep this respectful, not rude' and he nodded.
However, a few minutes later when we moved to mats for Large Group story time
This One Mischievous Lad was soon lying on his back and rolling around 
so I couldn't resist whispering into his ear,
 'remember what you said you were thankful for?
Now use it'
He is only six years old but he got a BIG grin, 
and sat on 'it'.

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