Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Soulful/Soul Full Surrender

 A local woodland nook....
 ... local lane-ways lined with 'look!'

Soulful surrender, summer’s embers gleam
Painting a picture on purple-ridged ream
Vexing the poet with verses half-mast
Lust for the future from dust of the Past

Frail and flamboyant, fall’s fabric-work vies
For the attention of wonderstruck sighs
Beneath the boughs that birthed buds into bloom
Scatter the tatters from nature’s grand loom

Hush-a-bye hollow of bracken and brook
Here lovers linger in leaf-lavished nook
Sun-startled arbors of scarlet-gold fronds
Rise above rustles of russet and bronze

Wind in the woodland, ah, bittersweet brogue
One day a darling, the next day a rogue
Heaven’s pen dangles from every tree
Teasing the troubadour with what could be

Awe full of autumn and soul full of smile
Dream full of daring to pause for a while
Letting the beauty of seasons applaud
Heart full of hunger and eyes full of God

© Janet Martin


  1. Hi, Janet. I have never met you (that I know of) but I believe I know some of your sibs (f'rinstance, our family knows one of them as Mr. Martin at CCS) and recently I started getting your blog posts emailed to me, at the suggestion of two of my SILs, Rose Martin and Janet Brubacher. Anyway, I'm enjoying your daily poetry. I especially liked this poem with its word usage such as darling and rogue wind and its imagery such as heaven's pen dangling. The last line is superb. Thank you for sharing the delight! (By the way, I'm married to Ken, son of Leighton and Florence, in case you are trying to place me)

    1. Thank-you so much! comments like this make my day! I, like you, know of you but don't 'know' you personally:) Thank-you for reading and for your kind words of encouragement/appreciation!!


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