Friday, October 5, 2018

Of Yielded Yes'm (except when it comes to skunks!!)

It's The Week-end Canadians celebrate Thanks-living!
  I wrote this before walking outside...
 I am struggling with Thanks-living right now...
(in one area of life)
In fact, I'm quite livid!.
We have a skunk destroying our lawn as he digs for grubs!!!
Last night he went berserk or invited all his buddies for a grub-fest😡

on that note, here's the poem I wrote before I got so cross😏

When we have yielded all we have
And hope for, as we pray
Then we will gain God's peace to brave
Whatever comes our way

For when we humbly recognize
He grants all we hold dear
Then Unknown cannot paralyze
Time’s passengers with fear

When we with sincere gratitude
Revere the Hand that lends
Then love will shape our attitude
No matter what life sends

© Janet Martin

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