Saturday, October 13, 2018

Of Fallen Leaves

I should be cleaning, I said to Victoria.
‘Nah, cleaning’s over-rated’ was her quick reply…
(maybe, but that's only if your house is already quite clean!)
However, the poem-wind blows keenest through Autumn Leaves

I should be working
But the woods
Are filled with jazzy overtures
And on the air
An aura broods
Of lullaby where leaf-note blurs
Into an under-
Tow of tunes
Anointing dust of days gone by
Where silence thunders
With a boon
Of echoes holding up the sky

…where soon a killer
Frost will strip
The softness from the touch of Her
And soon the Miller’s
Smile will tip
The b-b-bin that b-b-b-brings the b-b-blue-lipped B-r-r-r!
And all the Should
Cannot return
An afternoon of autumn sheaves
Where you and I
(Much Younger then)
Wander a world of fallen leaves

© Janet Martin

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