Tuesday, October 23, 2018

October's Orchestra

Autumn ardor kindles
The color that dwindles
Where Ownership swindles
The song from the stem
Matrix of pure Beauty
Graces nature’s Duty
Musky-spicy- fruity
Brooding diadem

Maraca and cello
Mingle, raw and mellow
In awe’s symphony
Silk-soft and frost-brittle
Piccolo and fiddle
Tug, twirl, tease and twiddle
Shaped notes from the tree

Power of persuasion
Trumps determination
Where all of creation
Is subject to He
Who conducts the choir
Of shallow and spire
A majestic gyre
Of sky, sod and sea

He strums firth with shower
Thrums bud into flower
Earth’s drum wakes the bower
And leaf-pianist
Four-season precision
The bough is a vision
Of birth to fruition  
To postlude of mist

© Janet Martin

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