Thursday, October 25, 2018

If Life Was All Pudding and Pie...

 M-m-m-m! Is there ANYTHING better than pie?!
said an appreciative family-member of the week-end 'treat'

Those pleasure treats sure are nice but if life was a steady diet of treats we
would soon lose our awareness of its 'blessing' and the Hand that grants it.
(or, at least I would)

But, if life was pie and pudding
Down-hill coast, not upward climb
I would lose sight of my footing
On this molecule of Time

I would forget Who IS Able
When the pangs of trouble try
Forget He who sets the table
If life was ‘pudding and pie’

I would lose sight of my Saviour
And His faithful Strength and Grace
Fully intent on the flavor
Of the whipped cream on my face

I would grow proud and malnourished
Pie-and-pudding’s constant fare
Does not beget humble worship
Or faith’s foothold fixed on prayer

If life was all ‘pie and pudding’
I would soon forget to pray
Forget He who pours life’s footing
Or thank He who holds the tray

© Janet Martin

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