Saturday, October 20, 2018

I Could Lick Her Floors!

Last Saturday night we celebrated my brother-in-law's 50th birthday by going out for dinner.
For dessert we were invited to his brother's house for cake and ice-cream.
Whenever we go there I can't help but marvel at how CLEAN their home is...
I could lick her floors and not feel one bit traumatized­čśő
It motivates me to take the time to try and get at least a little sparkle-ping into my own home.
(I should visit her house once a month just for inspiration!)
She lives a full, busy, helpful life and I admire her, however she does it!
So after a little elbow grease etc. tonight my house feels like it could muster a little ping-shine too!
I will however, NOT be licking the floors­čśü

No matter what it is...

We can think it
Plan it
Say it
Walk a shut-eye stroll right through it
But we cannot
change this
plain fact...
Nothing takes the place of Do It!

© Janet Martin


  1. I don't know how YOU do it, Janet.. Your house is a postcard, lovely. I'm always inspired by you mightiness! Hope you managed to squeeze in some outdoors time as well.

    1. Thank-you;) It feels good. The only outdoor-time ended up being hanging out and bringing in laundry and dashing out to soak in the colors a bit when the sky was a perfect gray-blue shawl.And I did it with Victoria's great help! Thank-you Sasha, for reading and for the thumbs up!


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