Thursday, October 4, 2018

Friend to Friend...Happy Birthday, Sasha!

I'd bake a cake 
that we could share
Over a cup of tea
I am here 
and you are there
How 'bout poetry?

Happy Birthday, Sasha 💞  
(click link to check out her blog-posts where she shares
art, poetry and links to articles about writing etc.)

Thanks to the internet
and poetry we 'met'
 years ago
making possible some of these best words
we will ever know...
What pleasure it is to be able to send
Happy Birthday Wishes
 'to an old friend' 😀

I can't have tea with you but I can treat you to a few pics of Rita McNeil's Tea-Room in Nova Scotia!

It wakes within the human heart
The artwork of a smile
And makes us glad to be a part
Of this life for a while
Where often want and worry jars
The wishbones that we clutch
Where light of day soon turns to stars
Beneath the Painter’s touch

It writes a melody of hope
On bars of common ground
Its music often helps us cope
And keeps the spirit sound
And be its body far or near
No mere geography
Can thwart the art of it, my dear
Or what it means to me

It cheers us on where dusk to dawn
To dusk spins moment-thread
Into a place we look upon
But nevermore can tread
Yet dread is no defeater, no,
As pictures bind and wend
Time makes joy ever sweeter, oh,
In love of friend to friend

True beauty runs far deeper, love
Than the meter of gaze
And time is no Grim Reaper of
The harvest of spent days
If we have known the happiness
That makes worth all the rest
Found in the love of friend to friend
Then we have known life’s best

© Janet Martin


  1. Thank you, Janet, so very much! Big hug :)

  2. You're welcome! Hug right back. Hope you had a special day!

  3. I did, and it's not over yet: about to have cake and ice cream! :)

    1. Enjoy! have a piece for me;-))
      I'm puttering about the house doing dishes, folding laundry and decorating for autumn! We have a frost warning out so before supper I picked all the pumpkins and squash and that put me in a fall-ish mood!


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