Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I'm beginning to understand... when other people would say the week after a trip is bittersweet. 
Life just sort of picks up where we left it...(Lord willing) 
and sometimes one needs to stop and look at the pictures to relive it a bit! 
 (and remind ourselves 'we were there!':)
One of our main highlights of the trip was visiting (at long last) our son-in-law's family and home farm! Absolutely stunning...its backdrop the beautiful blue (and brown:) hues of the Bay of Fundy!

Because arms cannot hold for long
The gifts that love imparts
Where farewell hugs and tugs are strong
God smiled and gave us hearts

Because He knew how Time would sketch
Frames of masterpiece art
He gave us walls that stretch and stretch
In halls within the heart

Because the wealth of take and give
Soon tunes Bygone’s ramparts
And echoes need a place to live
God smiled and gave us hearts

© Janet Martin

 Good memories! Thank-you.
(I wrote this while the 'so-long' hugs still tugged...)
Jim and I were thoroughly treated and spoiled by our 'east family'!

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