Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Autumn Celebration!

Came to finish my coffee and it had a leaf-garnish!

Celebrate autumn, oh, come feast your eyes
Earth’s cornucopia spills with surprise
Free for all banquet-hall, large as the day
Fields and hills groaning with nature’s buffet

Celebrate autumn; the garden is bare
Cellars are brimming with its gathered fare
Wend your way homeward where colors collide
Pretend that time is a friend on our side

Celebrate autumn; its vintage is fine
Grand culmination of fruit from the vine
Here’s to the tableau that authors awe’s toast
Praise to the Artist where no man can boast

Celebrate autumn; death wears quite a gown
Coral and crimson, gold, red for its crown
Making us brothers all; beggar and king
Gazing agog at leaf-song's final fling

Celebrate autumn; hip-hip-hip-hooray
Three cheers for lovely October's paint tray
Cinnamon, ginger, apple-orchard blush
Misty mauve mornings with warm oatmeal mush

Celebrate autumn; for soon its flare dims
Scattered in tatters beneath barren limbs
Easing us on toward what all must brave
Soul to the Giver and ash to the grave

© Janet Martin

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