Thursday, October 18, 2018

As If...No Time Has Passed At All

For Jesus-followers, as hard as farewells are, 
we have a bond that goes beyond miles right through eternity!
There is nothing in this world like the bond between fellow-believers!
It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
1 Cor. 13
Never enough time with those we love!
I was going to do this post way before a month passed but...
you know how it is; the days feel twice as short, it seems, since we're back,
 catching up on fall work and adjusting to a new child-care routine!
I have a lot of thought-hugs (aka prayer:) for this gal (an old neighbor) since visiting a month ago!
And when we meet each other, sisters in The Faith, it's as if no time has passed at all...
This gal had a huge welcome' sitting on our counter and in the fridge when we got in...
 (in a  house lent to us for our east-family visit) by its owner-angel we have never met!

I cherish the face to face moments we had...almost a month ago already?!!
...and some moment are nice immortalized in poem!
A few people have asked how many poems my East-trip-visit inspired
and my answer is always the same...I don't know yet!
I was thinking as I cleaned a mundane lunch mess, 
about where we were a month ago and how nice it was to just sort of pick up where we left off... a heart-neighbour (not an old neighbour:)

...As if our children had not grown
taller than she or I
where year on year has softly flown
into That Big Oh My

as if a couple thousand miles
did not exist twixt Touch
so then hugs drowned in teary smiles
Don't hurt us quite so much

as if, deep down we try not to
dwell on the Big Fat When
of days-weeks-months, a year or two
until we meet again

as if her house was next to mine
or not far down the street
we say with Confidence Divine
farewell until we meet

Janet Martin


  1. So blessed to call you friend.

  2. Ohh that just gave me a pang in my heart. But what a beautiful tribute to friendship. I have family in Nova Scotia on my Dad’s side and it’s been too long since I went back.

    1. Trish, all I can say is since being there I have changed 'if I ever go back to Nova Scotia' to 'when I go back...':)Love it here and its so muc more special when it holds family and friends!
      This was written with huge heart-pangs because I was thinking about the day I stood in her yard across the road from my house and watched them drive away while Niagara Falls fell down my face, even though I was so happy for her to be able to go home and live close to her aging mother after her dad passed away!We were like sisters...and after being there, glad to say we still are!

  3. A testament to true friendship lasts!


Thank you always for your visit and your thoughts.