Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Soft The Soulful Toll of Harvest...

A few glimpses of inspiration for this poem...

Soft the soulful toll of harvest sweeps the golden country-side
Gathers summer’s lisping darlings into farewell’s fulsome tide
Gaze is filled with praise and hunger; nothing stays the same for long
Sifting childhood from its youngster with each lusty leap and song

Earthy tables groan with mercy; we are humbled hulls of need
Knowing how beyond our doing is the surge that stirs the seed
Now the urge of nature’s calling sweetens farmer’s sweat and toil
Where the culling and the hauling is like laughter from the soil

Time’s Supreme Design of seasons chimes in lilies of the field
Climbs through fences where the drifter smiles, mesmerized by its yield
Turn the other cheek my sweetheart, brush those salty stars away
We have this one thing in common; none can dodge the death of day

Ah, the Architect of summer formed autumn and winter too
Authored it with the same goodness as sweet August’s dust and dew
Soft the soulful toll of summer rolls across stubble-cleft dunes
Siphons from silence a ballad laden with lost afternoons

© Janet Martin

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