Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Lest life’s labyrinth of longing
Weaves a cleaving copse of vines
In a place beneath the face that
Exhibits visual designs

Lest the fabric-work of failure
Chokes us with its hidden thread
Lest the siege of silent sorrow
Fills faith’s humble hope with dread

Lest love’s heart and soul commitment
Battles barriers in vain
And the dominance of Duty
Wields its warfare without gain

Lest the load life deems we shoulder
Breaks more than our backs today
We should never touch dawn’s tarmac
Without bowing first to pray

…then the Captain of these squadrons
Bearing deathless souls within
Heartens those who truly trust Him
For the forgiveness of sin

Pacifies the cries of longing
Frees us from failure’s despair
Breaks the siege of silent sorrow
As God's Mercy meets man's prayer 

Ah, now we can fight temptation
Find fresh courage for Now-Here
Invisible restoration
As we pray, faith conquers fear

© Janet Martin

 Be joyful in hope,
patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer.


Some storms are simply not calmed as quickly or visibly as yesterday's 'bean-storm'.
 (the joys of a week away from the garden...)

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