Monday, August 27, 2018

On Kissing Golden Curls and Such

The death of John McCain has fired some fresh for/against political-debate
for some people who enjoy such things.
 "personally", I told hubby on the onset of another such-flavored conversation,
 "I prefer the gentle world of kissing golden curls and such"
(before they have to brave the battle where Bible-based truths and politics war..)
(plus, I just don't have the energy for such discussions after a day of kissing-holding-scolding😊)
When Grandson wanted to get dressed the other morning
I told him he may take his pj's off...
I laughed til I cried as round and round he went trying to pull his foot free...and it would not!

Ah, moments like these make so worthy-the-earthy as well!

Kissing golden curls with love
Fitting small hands into these
Laughing at the antics of
Pirates sailing green-grass seas…
Shores a-buzz with honey-bees

Moments full of joys of boys
Trucks and bugs and hugs times ten
Never mind the mess, the noise
Can’t rewind today again
Soon life turns boys into men

Peek into a petal-porch
Marvel at the color-world
Caught inside a teeny torch
Where the bitty bud uncurled
Glimpse of mighty God unfurled

Kiss those curls, boo-boos and such
Do not fret the Yet, my dear
Life is like a Maestro’s touch
Composing ballads of Year
With the notes of Now and Here

Stop to watch a cloud drift by
Talk to butterflies, walk slow
Peek-a-boo and hush, don’t cry
Kiss those golden curls, for oh
Willing winds of change do blow

© Janet Martin

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