Monday, August 27, 2018

Knowing Full-well...(what makes worthy the earthy)

This is a case where the previous poem fired another...

 Reading Hebrews 12, verse one, led to reading Hebrews 12 verse two, 
which led to writing this poem...(based on Phil.2)
(I guess tomato-picking is one poem later than I thought it would be😏)

Pondering The Promise of Eternal Life 
and He who authored it, and how, 
Sure does make worthy, earthly strife
and sure does make Holy the Now!
(Knowing full-well Hell's triumph but for death upon a cross!)

The Author and the Finisher of faith endured the cross
Thus, all we bear of this world’s care…He wore its sorrow too
In very nature, God, He donned a robe of mortal cloth
Knowing full well the horrors of the vale He would pass through

Knowing full-well the pain and rejection that He must bear
Knowing full-well, hell would prevail without His sacrifice
Knowing full-well His Deity, yet left Heaven to wear
A crown of thorns, a cross, knowing full-well sin’s awful price

Knowing full-well how many would be saved and justified
Knowing full-well the agony before Triumph is wrought
Knowing full-well the wrath of God would-must be satisfied

Knowing full-well sin’s debt could not be paid by bull-ram’s blood
Knowing full-well his Father’s will and all it would entail
Knowing full well, He, King of kings would be the Lamb of God
Knowing full-well that once for all His Death would rend the veil

Knowing full-well that Final Sacrifice for sin was made
And living sacrifice will be the price believers pay
Knowing full-well that through His love our debt of guilt is paid
Knowing full well the full reward in Heaven some sweet day

© Janet Martin

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